Branding Options

Our bags can be branded in a variety of processes to suit your requirements.

  1. Transfer Printing

    service image

    Best option for fine detailed logo's with multi-colours.

  2. Process Printing

    service image

    If you have a picture/photograph this is the best option to choose.

  3. Embroidery

    service image

    This is the best method for durability of a logo it is stitched into the material. Not so good for very fine detail.

  4. Silk Screen Printing

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    This option is best suited for one or two colours and is the cheapest method.

  5. Labels and Tags

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    Small tags and labels can be stitched into the bag (only available on bespoke bags).

  6. Rubberised Moulded Badges & Zip Pulleys

    service image

    can be stitched onto the bag (only available on bespoke bags).